Admitted Student Information

Congratulations on your admittance into the College & Career Lab! This summer starts (or continues) your journey with CCL until the summer after high school graduation. Review this page to ensure you are ready for the summer!

Deadline: ASAP

A few days after you applied to CCL you received an email from with the subject “Your NYU ID Numbers and Status Page” with your assigned NetID (abc123). Search for that email (it might be in your spam folder) and follow these instructions to activate your NetID:

*Be sure to write down your NetID and password for easy access to all of NYU’s platforms going forward.


** Returning students have already completed this step. If you cannot remember your password scroll down to the FAQs to get help on resetting it.

Deadline: One week after receiving your admittance email! 

Before moving forward, ensure you have accepted your spot in the program. Using your assigned NetID, you can follow these steps to accept or decline the admissions offer.

Deadline: One week after accepting your spot in the program!

In order to access NYU buildings, your NYU Email, and your NYU Google Education Apps, along with additional e-resources, you must set up MFA. MFA is a second layer of security and helps ensure your sensitive information is secure.

Deadline: One week after accepting your spot in the program!

Important communications and access to the CCL Google Site will only be available through NYU’s secure platform. Using your assigned NetID and password you created, follow these steps to active your NYU email and NYU Google Apps:

Deadline: May 31st, 2022

As you prepare to join us in the summer, you must complete the items on the to-do list below. Pay special attention to the COVID-19 policies.

1. Submit required program forms. These forms must be submitted by all parents and guardians for students under the age of 18. First, login to the applicant portal – then click on the links below:

*Only these health forms are required – all other forms in the portal are for NYU undergraduate students


2. Complete the CCL entry survey. This survey will tell us your t-shirt size, dietary restrictions, your interests, and the college or career knowledge you are coming to the program with! It is not a test but a way for us to get to know you better and tailor the program to your needs!


*Students are allowed to bring up to two family members or guardians to orientation, but they must be registered with NYU three weeks in advance, and they must submit their vaccination documents. If guests are attending, their information must be entered on the CCL Entry Survey, or else they will be denied entry to NYU- no exceptions. 


3.  All students must have an NYU ID Card, this is your NYU student ID and grants you access to NYU buildings and services.

Visit the NYU Card Center photo submission website and click the ‘Login’ button to access the photo ID system with your NetID and password to submit a photo. Submitted photos must be at least 480 pixels wide by 600 pixels high and taken against a white background.


After you upload your own ID photo, NYU Card Center staff will review your photo and email you if your photo is accepted. CCL will pickup your ID and give it to you at orientation.


4. Read the NYU Summer Programs Handbook. CCL students are expected to follow the same rules that have been established for all students participating in summer programs at NYU. The CCL program syllabus has additional information and will be sent before orientation.

We look forward to seeing you at orientation! Until then, check your NYU email regularly, and refer to the CCL Google Site for more information. The sites will be regularly updated in the weeks leading up to the program start date.



We are thrilled to welcome you to the College & Career Lab program! You can reach us with any questions or concerns at

Admitted Student FAQ

If you experience any problems accessing your NYU NetID and changing your password, please:

  1. Try changing your password by selecting ‘forgot password’ at this link

If the email address you originally used to create your password (the first time you created a password at NYU) is not accessible – follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us at
  2. We will provide you with your NetID, N#, and the email you signed up with
  3. You should then provide all of that information in an email to NYU IT at and ask them to reset the email to a current, active email.

At CCL Orientation! Orientation for all Stages of CCL will take place on Friday, July 8th, 2022 at 5:30 PM at NYU Washington Square and is mandatory for ALL participating students.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend with their students (only two family members per student). Guests must be registered in the CCL Program Survey and follow all NYU covid protocols for entry. This includes submitting vaccination verification at least three weeks in advance. If approval is not granted via email, guests will not be allowed to enter NYU buildings. 

We will review policies, program schedules, and additional details related to the program. Students will meet with their advisors and peers to get to know one another before the first day of the program.

Students should come prepared to actively participate in all CCL sessions. You are a ‘college student’ while you are at CCL; being on time, being attentive, and asking questions or sharing opinions are expected. 

At orientation, you will be provided with:

  • NYU ID card
  • MTA card
  • Name tag and lanyard
  • CCL notebook, pen, and folder
  • CCL t-shirt, bag and water bottle

It is your responsibility to bring all of these items to CCL every day.


Students may also consider bringing a light sweater or jacket as classrooms may be cold throughout the summer.


Students should NOT bring personal laptops, tablets, AirPods, game consoles, or other devices to campus. Program staff are not responsible for any items that may be lost or stolen.

Students are encouraged to take notes, the same way college students do, with pen and paper.

Students will receive a daily schedule and syllabi outlining expectations, times, and locations of all classes, field trips, and program sessions at the time of admission into CCL. 


You can expect to spend 6.5 hours a day at NYU’s Washington Square campus with advisors leading you throughout the daily plans. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day as well as guided breaks to enhance the learning environment.


University faculty, staff, and CCL advisors will lead students through a mixture of lectures, activities, discussions and exercises to build student’s skills and knowledge around college and career interests.


The CCL Staff are your point of contact for any questions, troubleshooting, or advising- they can always be reached at

When you accept your admissions offer and enroll in CCL, you will gain access to a range of NYU digital resources throughout the summer, including: NYU Bobst e-Library, NYU Google Apps Suite, LinkedIn Learning (, NYU Email, and more!


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