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Our Program

A tuition-free, six-year program offered as a multi-week intensive during the summer along with Practice Lab sessions during the academic year to progressively prepare students to succeed in their chosen post-secondary and career paths. We offer New York City middle and high school students the opportunity to explore a variety of academic pathways and ‘try on’ careers. Through two stages, Exploratory and Immersive, CCL scholars dive into college style lectures and intensive workshops led by New York University faculty ranging from Neuroscience to Philosophy and everything in between. Scholars network with industry professionals and get to experience what it would be like to be an Immigration Lawyer, Physical Therapist, and more. Through each stage and Practice Lab students receive introductory courses, mentorship, advising, and a specialized CCL curriculum to explore the ‘hidden curriculum’, enhance soft skills and prepare for the college application or career entry process.

Admission to Program

Students can only be admitted to CCL during the Exploratory Stage. Afterward, those that have previously participated in the Exploratory Stage are invited to join the Immersive Stage for specialized courses and preparation during their high school career.

The Exploratory Stage introduces rising 8th and 9th-grade students to college-level subjects offered at each NYU school or college and allows students to ‘try on’ careers through experiential learning for four weeks in the summer. Each summer component is connected through year-round Practice Labs, honing in on skills learned for real world practice during the year.

Year 1

8th grader

●  Identifying passions and interests
●  Uncovering foundational higher education technical, trade, and vocational school opportunities
●  Understanding the depth and breadth of career sectors and career landscape

Year 2

9th grader

●  Connecting interdisciplinary passions and interests
●  Developing personal narratives
●  Further exploration into the post-secondary education and career landscape

The Immersive Stage provides rising 10th grade to post-high school students a deep dive into subject areas across schools and colleges at NYU through a two- or three-week experience encompassing introductory college courses, internship opportunities, and further hands-on career exploration. Each summer component is connected through year-round Practice Labs, honing in on skills learned for real work practice during the year.

Year 3

10th grader

●  Self-reflection and self-assessment
●  Networking and relationship building
●  Resume development

Year 4

11th grader

●  Informational interviewing skills
●  Formal mentorship
●  Service Learning projects

Year 5

12th grader

●  Formal mentorship
●  College and post-secondary application support
●  Internship opportunities

Year 6

Summer after High School graduation

●  Being a mentor
●  Leadership development
●  Internship opportunities


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